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    Hi there, my name is Heather Farr, owner of Beyond the Frame, LLC. I specialize in real estate and commercial photography, videography, and aerial photography. Photographing interiors correctly is a challenge but can be achieved with the right tools and techniques. Our eye is the most powerful lens there is. Trying to capture a space with murky shadows, illuminated windows and glares from reflective surfaces can be especially difficult to get accurate. I use a combination of flash and ambient light exposures to seamlessly blend them in photoshop  resulting in a fresh and radiant image that pops. My photos have realistic window views and I use a wide-angle lens that captures as much as possible. My services will help captivate your clients, impress your sellers, and improve your branding. 


    I use a top of the line mirrorless camera that offers an excellent feature set, fast continuous performance, and top-notch image quality. It has an amazing megapixel count, incredible dynamic range, and functionality; it delivers outstanding photos. In combination with my camera, I use a variety of lenses designed for interior shoots. I also use wirelessly controlled speed flashes to render plenty of light for any space. For areial photography and videography I use the Mavic Pro 2 that shoots 4K video, 20-megapixel photos and is top of the line for drone work. I've taken the time to research and invest in the most effective equipment for this type of photography and videography  to ensure you get high-quality results. 


    I was around the age of 13 when I got my first camera, I was always involved in media, photography, and art programs. On top of doing photography, I am also known as a successful visual artist. My eye for composition and aesthetics has always been a natural gift and I love being able to create visuals people can enjoy. It was in college that I started to realize I would love doing real estate photography as a profession. My mother has been a realtor for 28 years in the Verde Valley. I started helping photograph listings and loved the process of taking interiors so much I never stopped. Since then I have worked with other realtors, businesses, and builders which led me to turning it into my current LLC, Beyond the Frame. I am excited to bring my unique style, technical knowledge, and artistic eye to the local real estate market. 

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